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About Laundry City

Laundry City creates an environment where our customers look forward to doing their laundry either in our stores, by drop-off with our attendants, or through our pick-up and delivery service.

We pride ourselves on the world’s cleanest store with the most friendly, helpful attendants!
By living by our values every day, Laundry City makes a lasting and positive impact on our customers, our employees and the community we serve.

Our Laundry City Values


Treat everyone with respect


Go above and beyond to create a community of loyal customers


Do the right thing, even when no one is looking


Build a positive team and family culture


Motivated and self-driven


Embrace and drive change





Suitability for Wash, Dry and Fold

By using our service, you agree that your laundry is suitable to be laundered. We assume that laundry items placed in our care for the Wash, Dry and Fold services can be washed in water on a normal cycle and dried using heat in a tumble dryer. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard laundering process.

Lost Laundry

Laundry City Laundromats accepts all laundry based on weight and does not perform a piece-by-piece count.  Laundry City exercises great care in processing clothing items received to avoid misplacement or loss of items. However, try as we may, there could come a day when items are misplaced or even lost.   If you believe we have not returned an item, do the following:

  • Call us immediately (within 24 hours) to report that you do not see the item.
  • Double check your home because it is possible that you thought you sent it but did not.

If you still believe it was sent out and not returned, Laundry City liability, with respect to any lost item/s, shall not exceed $50 per garment regardless of brand or condition. Total loss liability per order shall not exceed $250.

Damaged Laundry

Laundry City is not responsible for any damage to clothing that stems from items being left in laundry items (Such as markers, pencils, pens, makeup etc…).

Laundry City is not responsible for clothes that shrink, bleed or changes shape during normal washing and drying. Again, please check your labels prior to sending clothes to Laundry City Laundromats.

Laundry City does not guarantee against color loss, clothes with poorly set dyes, normal wear and tear, pre-existing damage, severe soiling, lost socks, or mismatches.

We are not responsible for any damage that is done to your laundry during normal washing and drying including but not limited to: buttons falling off, beads coming loose, hems or seams coming undone, etc.

Laundry City makes every effort to remove stains but cannot guarantee that all stains can be or will be removed.  Garments not picked up due to no fault of Laundry City for 30 days, may be donated to charity.

Wash Dry Fold

We go above and beyond. Drop your clothes off and we’ll handle the rest! Tell us your preferences when you place the order.

Self Service

We greet every customer with kindness and a smile while treating you with respect. Take matters into your own hands; we have machine sizes for all your needs.

Bulky Items

Our laundry professionals make sure you are delighted with our service. Send it our way and we’ll take care of it. Items of any size will be handled specially by our team.


We are honest, trustworthy and always give you our 100% best effort. Save hours in your day with our Pickup service. We’ll come to you, whenever suits your schedule.


We provide an exceptional laundry delivery service that helps you save hours in your day. Once your laundry. has been cleaned and folded, we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep on your schedule.

Thank u laundry city for providing a clean and comfortable place to do my laundry. It’s always a pleasure to see the ladies washing and folding not to mention the teenagers that work work at the other location… thank u for a great job that you’re doing.
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Went to the location on Moravia Rd. for the first time, and needed help loading my card. A gentleman offered his assistance. He was polite and patient, and I definitely appreciated his help. I found out he was a driver and didn’t actually work in the store, I was even that much more appreciative! I can’t remember if his name was Marvin or Melvin, but a big thank you to him!! I will definitely be returning. Great customer service!!

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I always wash my clothes here. I feel some of the ladies that work here keep it cleaner on their shifts than others. All in all I think here is good. All the ladies who I have encountered while here are very helpful and respectful.
We had a very large amount of laundry to be cleaned, due to a house fire caused by lightning strike. The pick up service was exactly what we needed lift stress during this trying time. Everyone was polite and professional.
I walked into this establishment and was blown away. I would have never expected the smiling faces, the clean environment, WALI area and the abundance of space. The machines are affordable and large, they accept all forms of payment. The services provided to the local community is one to be recognized for. Thank you tho is a very impressive merchant and wish you all nothing but greatness. This is truly America’s cleanest laundromat.
Laundry City is easily the cleanest Laundromat I’ve been to. Some of their perks are free drying, great customer service and good prices. I was impressed by the facilities special features like their shuttle service and friendly staff.
I love laundry city. It’s so cost-efficient. My washing machine broke recently, and I thought I’d have to spend so much money to keep up with my household laundry. This place has made it so easy and affordable, especially with the free drying they offer.

My first time here with my fiance omg this place all hands down is the most cleanest ‘brightest place and the young lady was very helpful with the card and money machine….

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